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Please Read

  1. If you are not allowed to own a gun DON'T try to by one, I will only sell and transfer to people who are willing to do background check​​ CLICK HERE  For a list of reasons you will not pass a background check.
  2. Make sure that your ID is correct, by this I mean NOT Expired & has your CURRENT address (I don't make the rules but I do follow them) if it is not your current address I need something official (From The Government) saying your current adress.
  3. Sales tax you DO have to pay it.
  4. No layaway at this time, but maybe in the future.
  5. CONSIGNMENTS are 10% of final sale amount.
  6. To buy a Handgun you MUST be 21 years of age. For Shotguns you MUST be 18 years of age.
  7. ​all order will require a 40% NON Refundable deposit.

Smith & Wesson 4044

Smith & Wesson 4054

Winchester Model 63
1952-1953 $500.00-USED

Ruger M77 30-06
1981-1982 $475.00

New Guns

Glock 43 9mm $471.99 (4 Available)

Beretta Pico $ 279.99

RIA .45 $420.99

Taurus G2 Millineum 9mm $259.99

M&P Shield NO Safety 9mm $371.99

Sig P938 Nightmare 9mm $699.99

Ati 20Ga O/U $469.

M&PShield .45 $429.99

Sig p238 .380 Nitron $599.99

M&P Shield W/safety $371.99

Sig P320 Compact with Night Sites $579.99

S&W Model 642 $402.99

If you are Interested in any of the New/Used Guns please give me a call 937-603-5112 or you can e-mail me.

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